I’m Nicola Tolson
I was for many years thre personal assistant for the CEO of a big corporation   Shortly after moving away from my trusted network of family and friends, disaster struck and we lost everything that we had worked towards for the previous 20 years or so.   At the age of 42, I had a two-year-old and a four-year-old and no home, no food, no car and no money.

Shortly afterwards I found ScaleYou100 and heir business opportunity

One of the things that I liked very much was the fact that I didn’t have to hold any stock and that the company would ship directly to anyone I introduced to the product, on an automatic renewal basis, plus they would handle the payments, so all I had to do was talk.  It ticked so many boxes for me.

Over the last 26 years I have helped thousands of people make an educated decision as to how they will look after themselves and their families.  I knew that many families would benefit from having the products free for their kids for up to 4 years.

Now, as I approach my 70th I appreciate the time and financial freedom this activity has given me but more importantly a significant pension and these days with so much uncertainty it’s so consistently reassuring. There is no way that I could possibly retire as the thrill and pleasure of introducing new people to this concept is totally addictive.