Hello everybody, 

My name is Cosette Fortin, born in France but living in Switzerland for 50 years now.

After being a saleswoman, secretary, accountant, euro-bonds dealer, I co-created a professional photography school (before the beginning of the digital era , organised artistic and cultural events, and these last 25 years, I have been working as a projectmanager and coach for unemployed people in collaboration with the public authorities. Today I am coming to the end of these activities… But… It’s also the beginning of my new life… I have been using these great natural products for 15 years and i’m convinced that they will accompany me for a very long time as a consumer and also as a franchise partner. It will be great with this team and my group of partners. The new way to grow in the job is exciting, and thanks to the new communication technologies, I will be able to continue traveling in India, more precisely in Rajasthan, my second home for the last 20 years, and where,  in July 2019, I opened a school for children of destitute families (most of them are girls) and illiterate woman.

Here we go… 

cosettefortin@hotmail. com