My name is Olivia Roe and I am the founder and owner of a UK-based wellbeing business, Live-Life-Better, which helps parents and children to be healthy and happy. I’ve worked in the UK and Asia for over 20 years as a school teacher, life coach and professional education trainer and recently became a mum myself.  Through my work and experiences, I identified a need to support families with the demands of our current world. Life today is tough for parents and young people. There’s pressure at work, school and via social media. Worries over image, job prospects, the environment, current affairs, a supposed need to fit in (yet also remain unique) and seemingly never enough hours in the day.


All Live-Life-Better services fall within 5 areas – the Self, Movement, Nutrition, Connection and Stillness. Our work includes motivational speaking, life coaching, academic tuition, pop-up events and workshops on creativity, mindfulness and self-leadership. The products are, for me, a no-brainer for families. Everyone gets a daily, 100% plant-based power-boost of a far wider range of ripe, raw fruits, vegetables and berries than we would be able to get through diet alone. All that natural goodness flooding the whole families’ systems, fighting off school and office illnesses, which can only be a good thing. The products easily and effortlessly bridge the gap between what we should and do eat. As a busy business owner, I also use the products when I’m on-the-go to ensure I’m making the right sort of healthy meal choice. These leave me energised and feeling fit, especially important as I’m still breastfeeding my baby boy. If I’m ever a little tired, they get me back on parr. scaleyou100 is a brilliant concept and I’m excited to be part of this growing movement.